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+7 903 611 8864

We are a full cycle production company based in Russia. For more than 10 years we have been producing unusual/original objects for various advertising agencies.
For the last four years we have been producing various devices and puzzles for people, who create Escape rooms. Thus, now this is the main focus of our company.
During 5 years of working with escape rooms we:
 - worked with 35 countries all over the world,- 
- did more than 200 projects in Russia;
- and completed more than 420 projects abroad.
We helped our customers to create fantastic hi-tech Escape rooms in more than 30 countries: the USA, Great Britain (Scotland, England), Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Norway, Singapore, etc.

We will be happy to see you among our customers!
Puzzles, props, devices, decorations and electronics – these are the things, which we are proud of and able to produce!



Address: Russia, Moscow, Ivana Franko, 4
Contact us via e-mail: escaperooms.ecodecor@gmail.com

Phone: +7 925 399 3973 (WhatsApp, Telegram)

Shipping to any country is available.
We will provide you with a tracking number.

We accept 

Knocker (tambourine) escape room electronics

Look how our devices perform

look how it works in a Pirate's Escape Room:

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Ready to play room "Bank robbery" (turnkey escape room)

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We create ready-to-play ESCAPE ROOMS


Ready to play room "Pirate captivity"
Magic book for magic shool escape room
Jars (cups) for escape room.

We developed the software

About us

Foreign clients map
34 countries, 424 completed projects

Be the first in your city! Order cool props for your escape room right now.

We make authentic PROPS

Helmet (ear to scream) electronics escape room. Escape room element
Puzzle for escape room. Picks and stone. Decoration element
Laser turret -- gadget in escape room
Altar for exit room. Decoration element
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We create puzzles and Escape rooms

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We produce plug-and-play PUZZLES and items

Props for exit rooms (set of props), taking dragon with electronics inside (can be used for communication)